Pet Unconsciousness

Learn the Urgency of Pet Unconsciousness with Waldorf Emergency Care

Pet unconsciousness can be scary if it befalls upon the animal you love most. If it happens, take action and call your vet right away to avert a situation that could be otherwise fatal. This is the time your pet needs you the most, and experienced veterinarians at Waldorf Emergency Care in Waldorf, MD can save the situation. 

cat needing treatment for pet unconsciousness

How Pet Unconsciousness Happens

Pet unconsciousness is caused by either neurologic or cardiac factors. The cardiac factors are related to heart problems, whereas the neurological factors are due to complications with the pet’s nervous system.

Neurologic Faints: The neurologic pet unconsciousness is largely associated with an overactive body nerve called the vagus. This nerve traverses the chest and the neck to the animal’s brain, and its primary function is to slow the heart rate. So if anything puts pressure on it, the heart rate may be dramatically slowed down and will likely trigger seizures or abnormal brain activity thereby leaving the pet unconscious.

Cardiac Faints: The cardiac pet unconsciousness is caused by ineffective pumping of blood and insufficient supply to the brain. When that happens, the brain becomes confused, and it will not give other body organs the correct instructions. This eventually results in ventricular fibrillation, ventricular tachycardia, A-V block, or sinus syndrome among other conditions that make a pet fall into unconsciousness.

Unconsciousness vs. Collapsing

Don’t confuse between pet unconsciousness with collapsing. During a collapse, the pet may be weak and unable to get up, but it will still be conscious of what is happening around. However, pet unconsciousness means it does not respond to any stimuli and will show one or a combination of the following symptoms:

  • Rapid breathing and heartbeat
  • No eye movement
  • The gums become white
  • There is a weak pulse
  • No heartbeat or breathing
  • And more…

The first goal of the treatment is to get the heart beating and the pet breathing before treating the root cause of the problem. Pet unconsciousness can be fatal and requires that you seek treatment from a qualified veterinarian the soonest possible.

At Waldorf Emergency Care, We Can Help

At Waldorf Emergency Care, our qualified and experienced vets have successfully helped many pet owners with unconsciousness conditions. Thus, if you experience this problem with your pet, call us at 301-705-9700, and we will respond to your emergency at any hour of the day or night. We are located at 2215 Crain Hwy in Waldorf, MO.


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  • "I've been there twice and the people are a delight to work with. They genuinely care for your baby. Customer service they provide toward your pet is OUTSTANDING. My baby was scared but they put him at ease. Ohh and his humans too. They have home what seems to be the right medicine because he is already eating and down for a good nap. All I can say is THANK YOU
    I wish you were a full service vet I would use you all the time"
    Kathy B.
  • "This is my first review so bear with me.....Under a very hard emergency circumstance, I used this establishment yesterday for my cat. I can not express how thankful I am that I found them. It was a Sunday so my vet was closed. I was a total stranger and was treated like a lifelong customer. Whatever it is you are doing, please keep up the good work. Thank you."
    Candy K.
  • "This place is awesome! I went in because my dog was choking on his collar! Yes, his collar! When I got there they were so urgent and alert to what seemed to be an emergency situation. (At least to me). Especially the young man at the front desk who moved really fast for someone who had a boot on his foot! Also, They were so comforting due to the fact I was crying hysterically. I would recommend this place to anyone! My puppy is back home like nothing ever happened lol. Definitely five star service."
    Jackie J.