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Dr. Tim Slajchert

Emergency Veterinarian

Dr. Tim Slajchert (“Dr. Tim” is acceptable if the last name gives you trouble) is a 1993 graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. 

After graduation, Dr. Slajchert spent an additional year in school completing a Master of Science Degree, also at University of Illinois.  He then went into general practice in New Jersey (his home state) for 18 months, which was long enough to cure him of that.  He moved to Maryland and started practicing emergency medicine in 1996, and has been practicing emergency medicine in some form or another since then.

Dr. Tim’s special interests are epidemiology and emergency/critical care.  He especially likes managing challenging medical cases.

Dr. Tim grew up in north New Jersey (one town over from Tony Soprano, so if you need somebody whacked …).  He is a husband and the proud father of 17 year old triplets (2 girls and a boy), who currently live in York, PA.  In Pennsylvania is also an English mastiff (Sophie), a bulldog mix named Georgia, 3 wacky cats, an insane cockatoo named Beakers, several parakeets, a guinea pig and a fish … Dr. Slajchert has just realized while typing this that he ought to call his home a zoo and start charging admission.  Dr. Slajchert is a big fan of the Ravens and still holds season tickets for the team.  He also roots for the Baltimore Orioles, who were last World Champions at a time before all of his patients and most of his staff were born.  He is a self-confessed Disney nerd and can be found in the company of Mickey Mouse as often as his wallet allows.

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