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End of Life Care

When a dog or cat reaches his elder years, steps need to be taken to ensure his quality of life remains positive. Providing your dog or cat with senior pet care is necessary to keep him from becoming injured or suffering from health issues. If at any time your pet requires urgent care, contact Waldorf Emergency Care in Waldorf to meet with one of our skilled veterinarians.

How to Care for an Aging Pet

An older pet requires some extra care. Since pets often have difficulty with mobility during their older years, taking steps to make it easier for them to get around is helpful to keep them from sustaining injuries. Do not encourage your pet to exercise strenuously. Instead, allow him to walk around at his own pace while observing his actions. Place your pet’s food dish and water bowl a bit higher than normal. Using a lift will help your pet reach these items without difficulty. Pet bedding can be placed at floor level so older cats or dogs do not need to climb or jump to reach them. Make sure to bring your pet to our vet regularly.

Signs That Indicate a Trip for Assistance Is Necessary

There are some signals that indicate your pet is having trouble getting around as he did before. He may avoid going on long walks or may stop engaging in playtime because of pain he experiences when doing so. Your pet may not eat as much if he has trouble reaching his food dish. When pets age, they are more prone to other injuries. If you notice your cat or dog is not walking as fast or if he becomes extremely lethargic, a checkup is best to determine whether or not your pet is suffering from arthritis or another medical problem.

Why Routine Vet Visits Are Important

Bringing your pet to our urgent care center for emergencies is important, however, it is equally important to have routine checks of your pet’s overall health. Our veterinarians will conduct a full assessment of your pet’s condition and offer you tips to help in prolonging the quality and duration of his life. Checkups are usually recommended a few times a year to check on your pet’s age progression. His weight, temperature, and other vital signs are checked at each of these sessions to help pinpoint whether or not changes are taking place that require intervention.

If you are concerned about an aging pet, or if you would like to set up an appointment with our veterinarians to discuss senior pet care, contact Waldorf Emergency Care in Waldorf to discuss scheduling availability. Contact our facility today by giving us a call at (301) 705-9700

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