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Other Toxins

The holiday season is a dangerous time for any pet. By recognizing the dangers to your pets, you can take steps to limit the risks and keep them from facing health complications or emergencies.

Dangers from Foods

The first danger to your pets in Waldorf, Maryland during the holiday season is the food items in your home. Chocolate is a type of poison for many pets and may lead to death. Macadamia nuts and coffee may cause seizures when a pet eats the foods. Fruit cakes with raisins or currants may cause kidney failure and other health complications. As a general rule, you and your family want to avoid feeding your pets any foods from the table during the holiday season. You also want to keep bones, fat and trimmings from a holiday meal out of your pet’s reach to prevent complications like gastro-intestinal pain.

Decoration Dangers

Decorations, like tinsel and lights, may cause injuries and sicknesses. Pets may face complications with their health due to eating a decoration or curiously playing with certain decorations. Electrical decorations, in particular, cause concerns due to the risk of electrocution. Take measures to prevent injuries by ensuring that your pets do not have access to lights or similar decorations.

Plants and Pet Health

Do not put up real plants during the holiday season. Mistletoe, holly and lilies may cause vomiting, diarrhea and kidney failure if a pet eats the plants. Opt for fake plants or use safe house plants for your decorations.

When an emergency arise, seek immediate medical attention for your pets. At Waldorf Emergency Care, we are available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week to handle any emergencies. A veterinarian is available, even on holidays, to help your pets if they are injured from plants, food items or decorations during the holidays.

We can be reached at (301) 705-9700

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