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Ear Infections

Pet Ear Infection Treatment From Waldorf Emergency Care

If you suspect your pet is suffering from an ear infection, this can be very frustrating. Not only do you not have the ability to relieve their pain, but you may not even be sure when or how you will find that treatment. Luckily, for residents of Waldorf, we here at Waldorf Emergency Care offer treatments for ear infections and much more. The following is a closer look at the signs and symptoms of ear infections as well as how we can help provide your pet with relief with our urgent care services.

Signs and Symptoms of Pet Ear Infections

Depending on the severity of your pet’s ear infection, he or she may be experiencing one or more of a variety of symptoms. Additionally, they could have a mix of all these symptoms and others. Some of the most common symptoms that your pet may have an ear infection are as follows:

  • Scratching of the infected ear
  • Odor
  • Dark discharge
  • Pain
  • Redness and swelling of the ear canal
  • Itchiness
  • Scab or crusting of the ears
  • Head shaking

Causes of Pet Ear Infections

Additionally, there are various causes of ear infections. However, the cause could also be a mixture of several of these. Some of the most common causes are as follows:

  • Excessive cleaning
  • Foreign bodies
  • A build-up of wax
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Endocrine disorders
  • Moisture
  • Allergies

Pet Ear Infection Treatments

If you are seeking treatment for a pet ear infection, here at the Waldorf Emergency Care, we offer the following treatments:

  • Ear Cleaning: In some cases, the vet will start by treating your pet’s ear infection by flushing the ear with a medicated treatment. They may then also prescribe your pet a topical medication and cleaner to continue the treatment at home.
  • Oral Antibiotics and Anti-Inflammatory Medications: In extreme cases, the vet may prescribe your pet with oral antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications.

Either way, most ear infections disappear within 1-2 weeks of treatment. However, severe infections may take months to be fully resolved.

Call Waldorf Emergency Care Today!

For residents of Waldorf seeking emergency pet care, your friends at Waldorf Emergency Care are here to help. There is never a need to let your pet suffer from pains of any kind, Waldorf Emergency Care is here to help treat emergency pet care concerns of all kinds. Simply give us a call to let us know what your pet’s symptoms are, and we will tell you how we can assess and treat your pet’s condition as soon as possible!

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