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Coughing & Sneezing

Common Causes of Coughing and Sneezing in Dogs and Cats

Just like in humans, the upper respiratory tract of dogs and cats can be affected by many different kinds of microorganisms and viruses. Waldorf Emergency Care is a veterinary practice in Waldorf that takes care of such illnesses.

What Causes Your Pet to Sneeze?

If your dog or cat is sneezing or coughing excessively, come to us for veterinary care, as it is likely a sign that your pet has contracted an upper respiratory infection due to allergies, kennel cough, or other airborne diseases.

Your dog or cat may also be sneezing or coughing because he was exposed to an irritant like household sprays, fumes from gas, or germs.

In most situations, our veterinarians discover the reason for a pet sneezing is due to a mild upper respiratory infection. Dogs are susceptible to parainfluenza and type-2 adenovirus. Along with sneezing due to these viruses, pets also likely sneeze due to allergies.

What Causes Your Dog or Cat to Cough?

A cough can range from mild to severe depending on its cause. For example, a pet can cough if he drinks water too fast. On the other hand, a cough could mean something serious, such as heart or lung disease. This would require urgent care from a veterinary medical facility.

If a cough becomes serious of chronic, seek emergency pet care for your animal. Our veterinarians can examine your pet and determine the reason behind why he is coughing, which allows that cause to be treated appropriately. This is the safest way to ensure the exact cause of your pet’s cough.

Inflammation and irritation of the airways are generally in most cases the cause of coughs. Certain breeds, for example, bulldogs, pugs, and flat-faced Persian cats are predisposed to coughing.

Dogs or cats with a mouth or tooth infection are also prone to develop a secondary infection, which can lead to coughing.

Coughing and sneezing in pets is often treatable. Come to Waldorf Emergency Care if your pet is in need of an evaluation or checkup. We treat the symptoms and causes of coughing and sneezing in dogs and cats. Our veterinary staff will diagnose the underlying cause of your pet’s symptoms, and may give your pet antibiotics, antivirals, or antihistamines to reduce any discomfort.

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