5 Emergency Treatment From Our Waldorf Veterinarians


Our veterinarians here at Waldorf Emergency Care specialize in providing the urgent and emergency treatment your pet needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your pet is ever suffering from a medical emergency in the Waldorf area, you can rest assured that our doors will be open.

5 Most Common Pet Emergencies

Heat Stroke

If your pet has been outdoors for a while or was left in a warm car, watch for symptoms like a red tongue, pale gums, and overall weakness. These are all signs of heat stroke, which can be fatal if not treated promptly.


Even seemingly healthy pets can have a seizure at any time, with reasons ranging from an underlying medical condition to environmental factors. If your pet has a seizure, remain calm and bring your pet into our emergency vet right away.


Ingestion of toxins, such as chocolate or even chemicals like antifreeze, can be fatal. If your pet has ingested a toxin or if your pet is displaying signs such as vomiting, lethargy, and weakness, be sure to seek emergency care as soon as possible.

Bite Injuries

Bites from other animals or even from insects can be fatal in some conditions. For example, some pets will have allergic reactions to insect or other bites, and in other cases, bites from other animals can become infected. If your pet has been bitten and is showing signs of infection or inflammation, bring them in to see a vet promptly.


Choking is one of a few pet emergencies where you may need to take action, as you may not have time to get to the vet. Try to open your pet’s mouth and look for foreign objects. If you can see anything, pull on your pet’s tongue to see if this dislodges the object. If not, you may need to (carefully) reach your finger in to dislodge the object and perform CPR.

Give Our Waldorf Veterinarians a Call

If your pet is suffering from a medical emergency, bring them in to see our Waldorf veterinarians as soon as possible. If you have questions, call Waldorf Emergency Care at (301) 705-9700.