Cold Weather Tips for Pets


Keeping Pets Safe in Cold Weather

During the coldest months of the year, it is essential to keep your pets safe. If not cared for properly, the low temperatures may bring harm to your pet. At Waldorf Emergency Care, we want your pets to be warm and comfortable all winter long. Here are some tips from our Waldorf veterinarians on how to help your pets during the winter.

Cold Weather Tips for Pet Owners

Keep your pet’s paws clean and dry. They can collect mud and snow, which can lead to frostbite or worsen conditions like arthritis. Keep a dry towel handy by the door so you can help your pet wipe down when it comes indoors.

Avoid Grooming. Winter is not the time to have your pet groomed. Keeping your pet’s fur long gives them an added layer of protection against the cold. For pets that have naturally short fur, we recommend he or she wears a sweater or coat when they go out.

Keep your pets indoors whenever possible. Some dog and cat breeds don’t mind the cold and are built for the weather. Others are very sensitive to low temperatures. Get to know your pet’s limits, and don’t subject it to any colder weather than he or she can take. If your pet needs to get exercise, do some more playing inside to keep them active in lieu of a walk.

Skip the baths for now. Moisture collecting in the fur can take hours to dry out and can freeze when your pet steps outside to relieve itself, even for a few minutes.

Don’t let your animals wander off. In the snow, the scents that pets use to find their way home are more difficult to track.

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