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Flea & Tick Prevention: Keeping Your Cat Safe from Fleas & Ticks


Waldorf Emergency Care Offers Flea & Tick Prevention

Even if your pets are clean and well groomed, fleas and ticks can become a problem. Fleas can be found in grassy areas where your pet plays. Ticks live in wooded areas, and are always looking for a new host. Your pets might become a convenient target for these insects. If you find fleas or ticks on your pet, you’ll need professional help. At Waldorf Emergency Care in Waldorf, we can help with flea and tick treatment and prevention methods.

Fleas Affect the Whole House

Fleas reproduce rapidly and can infest your carpets, furniture, bedding and even your clothing. If you find one flea, you are likely to find more. Eliminating fleas can be difficult and expensive. The best strategy is to prevent flea infestation. There are various methods you can use to protect your pet, including topical products and medication. However, cats are very sensitive to products formulated for flea and tick prevention on dogs. Certain chemicals may cause a severe or fatal reaction. Ask our vet about prevention methods for cats.

When Ticks Attack

If you find your pet scratching or grooming itself more than usual, you may want to check for ticks. Ticks are dark, round insects that bite and attach to their hosts. A tick may appear to be embedded in your pet’s skin. Ticks carry a number of diseases, such as Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. Regular use of sprays, tablets, or tick collars will help prevent these illnesses.

Make Waldorf Emergency Care Your Veterinarian for Flea & Tick Problems

Our veterinarians at Waldorf Emergency Care can help with urgent situations, like flea and tick problems. We offer a variety of emergency services for our patients. We can help with poison ingestion, broken bones, breathing problems, seizures, bleeding, and more. Contact Waldorf Emergency Care today at (301) 705-9700 to learn about flea and tick prevention for your pet.

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