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Holiday Pet Dangers


The holiday season is the best time of the year for many people. It is a time where friends and family members gather together for dinners and parties. While the holidays are a great time for humans, there are plenty of holiday pet dangers that you need to look out for. If you want your pet to be safe and healthy this holiday season, you should follow a few simple tips from our staff at Waldorf Emergency Care.

Smart Decorating

When you are decorating your home for the holidays, you should be careful when choosing decorations. Holly berries are toxic. If your pet eats them, they can become very sick. If you want to use ivy and holly berry decorations, you should use the fake plastic kind. Tinsel can also be dangerous for pets. If your pet ingests it, it can twist inside their gastrointestinal system, causing severe injuries. You should also avoid lighting candles. If your pet gets too close or knocks the candle over, it can be disastrous. Finally, if you are planning to put up a real tree, make sure that your pet doesn’t drink from the water in the stand. Most tree farms use preservatives which can make the water dangerous for drinking.

Keep the Pets Inside

If it is extremely cold outside, you should only take your dog out to use the bathroom. It is a good idea to leave your cat inside. If it is snowing, you should keep your pets inside or on a leash. When there is snow falling, it can make it difficult for your pet to recognize your neighborhood. Also, the snow will cover up the scent that your pet uses to find their way home.

Discourage Guests from Feeding Your Pets

During your holiday party, your guests might want to give your pet some food from their plates. Since there are many foods that are not good for dogs, such as chocolate, onions, and grapes, you should discourage your guests from feeding them. It is best to let each person know when they arrive that your dog cannot have table scraps.

Visit Our Waldorf Veterinarian

If something happens this holiday season and your pet gets sick, you should make an appointment with Waldorf Emergency Care right away. One of our skilled veterinarians can provide the necessary treatment to save your pet’s life.

What tips do you have for keeping pets safe during the holidays? Share them with us in the comments.

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