Importance of an Annual Pet Exam


Like people, pets need routine checkups to monitor their health. Annual pet exams from Waldorf Emergency Care enable us to stay on top of your pet’s health to protect him from disease and prevent health issues. Here’s why annual exams are so important for your pet.

Early Detection of Sickness or Disease 

During a pet exam, our veterinarians will thoroughly examine your pet to confirm he’s in good health. This includes checking his eyes, nose, ears, mouth, skin, fur, and joints. We’ll also listen to his heart and lungs and perform diagnostics in the form of blood, urine, and fecal tests to check for internal problems. If your pet has health issues, they will show up during his annual exam. Through early detection and treatment, our vet can prevent minor problems from escalating into major health issues.

Prevention of Serious Medical Issues

At this time, we may notice areas in your pet’s lifestyle that need improving in order to prevent medical issues. If your pet is overweight, for example, we may recommend changes in his diet or exercise regimen to get him back to a healthy weight level. Pet obesity can lead to hypertension, heart problems, diabetes, or other serious issues that require urgent care. In addition to detecting early warning signs of sickness, pet exams can serve to prevent health issues before they even start.

Extension of Your Pet’s Lifespan

Annual pet exams confirm the state of your pet’s health so you don’t have to worry about hidden medical issues. It also provides an opportunity to update your pet’s vaccinations to protect him against infectious diseases. A healthy pet is more likely to live a longer, happier lifespan. Older pets may need bi-annual exams due to having weaker immune systems that make them more susceptible to sickness or age-related chronic conditions.

Trust Our Waldorf Veterinarians for Pet’s Annual Exam

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