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Importance of Vaccines


Vaccinations protect your pets from illness and prevent them from spreading diseases to other animals and even to humans. Many diseases can be prevented with a simple vaccination. At Waldorf Emergency Care, we care for injured and sick pets all hours of the day, seven days per week. We strongly believe in vaccinations as a means for keeping your pets healthy. There are many dangers for pets and many things that can hurt them and cause them to need veterinary care. Vaccinations take care of many of those dangers. Vaccinations are also required by law in Maryland.

Rabies and Distemper

The most common vaccinations are for rabies and distemper. Rabies is often spread by wild animals, and at some point, your pet is likely to come in contact with a wild animal. A simple scratch from a wild animal could give your pet rabies if your pet is not vaccinated. This is one illness that can be prevented with vaccinations. Distemper is a virus that can be picked up just from being outside and it has negative effects on the respiratory and gastrointestinal systems. Both of these illnesses can be fatal for pets.

Types of Vaccines

There are core vaccines that vary depending on where you live. These are the basic vaccines that veterinarians say your pet needs and are often legally required. There are additional vaccinations that are tailored to the needs of individual pets. Puppies or kittens are given initial vaccines that activate the immune system and prevent diseases.

Your pet may require follow up vaccines to get the proper immunity to some diseases. After a pet becomes an adult, many vaccines will need to be given just once a year, and some every few years. Getting puppies and kittens started with vaccines early is great, and completing the series of vaccines will help your pet have a long and healthy life.

Pet Vaccinations in Waldorf, MD

Call Waldorf Emergency Care today for the best in emergency veterinary healthcare for your pet. We will be here for you when your pet is in distress at any time. Call us at (301) 705-9700 and let us know you are coming. Vaccinations prevent diseases from spreading and help the pet community as a whole.

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