Pet Eye Injuries That Need Immediate Attention


Even the best-behaved pet may end up with an eye injury whether it’s from rough play, digging in the garden, or chasing a small animal. Although pet eye injuries in Waldorf are relatively common, it is critical to get immediate veterinarian care.

Types of Pet Eye Emergencies

Pet eye emergencies may be caused by something as simple as itching from mild irritation or allergies, which can lead to scratches or ulcers on the eyes. In many situations, you may not be able to tell how severe the injury is just by looking at their eye. Some of the most common types of eye injuries that require veterinarian care right away include:

  • Cut or scratch on the eye surface (corneal laceration)
  • Corneal ulcers
  • Eyelid tear
  • Puncture
  • Eye popped out of socket (proptosis)
  • Foreign object in the eye

The Importance of Treating Eye Injuries Immediately

Just like humans, your pet’s eyes are extremely delicate and if injuries are not treated early, they may be at risk of losing their vision. Although it may seem natural to wash your pet’s eye after an injury, there is a risk of making the injury worse. For example, if there is a foreign object in their eye, washing the eye may only force the object further up and behind the eye. Bring your pet to Waldorf Emergency Care in Waldorf immediately to avoid any further injuries.

How Can Waldorf Emergency Care Help?

First and most importantly, your veterinarian will carefully assess the injury to determine the cause and the severity. In situations where there is a foreign object in the eye, your vet will have the proper equipment to remove the object without causing further damage. Your veterinarian will prescribe the treatment that is best suited for the type of injury your pet has which may include eye medication, tests to assess the severity of a laceration, surgical treatment and/or an e-collar to prevent your pet from pawing and rubbing at the injury.

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