September is Animal Pain Awareness Month


Would you know if your pet is in pain?  Dogs and cats can get into trouble, whether that includes eating something that doesn’t agree with them, taking a tumble, or getting in a spat with neighborhood wildlife. If you suspect you have a pet in pain, see a veterinarian at Waldorf Emergency Care near Waldorf immediately. The signs of a suffering dog or cat are there if you know what to look for:

Signs of a Pet in Pain 

Some signs of your pet experiencing pain can be obvious, such as a limp or crying. Other signs may be more subtle and could take familiarity with the pet’s personality to detect. Some things to watch for that could mean your pet is in pain include:

  • Changes in sleeping habits or appetite: Consistent weight loss may also be a sign of chronic pain, like a toothache, for instance.   

  • Aggression or social withdrawal: A pet in pain may isolate themselves from those around them.   

  • Chewing, gnawing, excessive licking, or drooling may also be signs that your pet is in pain.   

  • Constant panting may also be a sign that your pet is either anxious or uncomfortable; talk to your veterinarian.   

Regular vet visits may rule out some issues, but if you suspect your pet is in pain, it merits another veterinary appointment. Don’t let your pet suffer in silence; there could be a serious underlying medical issue that needs prompt treatment.

Animal Pain Awareness Month 

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month; a great way to celebrate this national event is to take your dog, cat, or other pet to their veterinarian for a wellness visit.

Is your pet in pain? See us right away for emergency veterinary care in Waldorf. 

Delaying prompt treatment compromises your pet’s outcome when they are suffering or in pain from known – or unknown- reasons. We want to relieve your pet’s pain; seek help at Waldorf Emergency Care or call (301) 705-9700 to learn more.