Things to Look for If You Think Your Pet Has an Abscess


Abscesses can appear nearly anywhere on your pet’s body as a result of direct exposure to harmful bacteria. The bacteria enters the body through broken skin, such as near a bite from another animal, and causes the area to swell with pus. Depending on their size and location, abscesses can prove to be serious and in need of immediate medical attention. Therefore, it is important that you use this guide to learn what to look for if your pet has an abscess – and when to acquire care from your veterinarian at Waldorf Emergency Care.

Signs and Symptoms of Abscesses

The most obvious sign of an abscess is an area of swollen tissue that often continues to grow in size and severity without treatment. The area may have additional inflammation around the abscess and feel hot to the touch. You may notice hair loss around the abscess, especially if your pet licks or chews at the area. Abscess can begin to drain on their own, so also look for signs of bleeding or weeping from the swollen tissue.

Changes in Your Pet’s Behavior

Abscesses can feel quite painful, so most pets will continually lick and chew at the area to try to relieve their discomfort. You may also notice that your pet has a poor appetite and may even feel sick to their stomach. Any differences in your pet’s behavior may be a sign that the infection is overwhelming their system. So, take heed, and acquire care as soon as you can.

When to Acquire Care from Your Waldorf Veterinarian

Abscesses often require oversight and treatment by a skilled Waldorf veterinarian to fully resolve. By acquiring vet care for your pet, you can eliminate the infected mass from your pet’s body and restore their health. You can seek prompt care for your pet from an urgent care or emergency veterinary clinic. Your emergency vet team will take the steps needed to treat the abscess and relieve your pet’s discomfort. We welcome you to acquire care from our team at Waldorf Emergency Care anytime by stopping in or with a call to (301) 705-9700.